Monday, February 25, 2013

A Conference kind of weekend.

This weekend +Austin Camacho and +B Swangin Webster attended the +Bay to Ocean Writers Conference.

Every year this conference is held in Queenstown Maryland at the Cheaspeake College. Their mission is to inform, encourage and inspire writers of all levels. They strive to share helpful knowledge and experiences among the writers in attendence.

The day is filled with panel discussions that hit on every topic from marketing, to blogging, to poetry.

Intrigue Publishing is always in attendence as Austin Camacho is one of their dedicated speakers.
This year was no different. His class on developing a plot was well attended and the questions that were asked went from how to not get writers block (that would be by making an outline) to writing in a spiral vs straight ahead.

Even best selling authors had a question or two.

This year, Intrigue Publishing hopes to bring some of those authors and aspiring authors to our conference by offering different panels and hosting some great NY Times best selling authors such as +John Gilstrap and @Jeffrey Deaver as well as +Christopher Golden and +Trice Hickman

Wilson Wyatt and his team of dedicated volunteers put on a great one day conference and if you have never been, you really need to think about going.

If you missed this conference, it is not to late to register for C3.

Our conference is in September 13-15, 2013 in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

After all, you are never to accomplished to learn something new.