Monday, March 11, 2013

Memoriable First

I’m Ann Arbaugh and I’m happy to join Intrigue Publishing and the C3 Board as the Conference Volunteer Coordinator.  
My first professional experience with Conferences was back in 2006.
Austin’s wife, Denise, was the Maryland Writers Association Conference Coordinator.  She put out a call for volunteers and I stepped in. I thought I’d be helping with a small task, but Denise really needed someone to organize all the volunteers. No problem, I said.  
Sometimes it’s better not to know how big a job really is becaue you don’t have time to talk yourself out of it.  
There were many communications about which volunteer to assign to what position, how many people were needed, and many other details that needed attention. Yes, there were even a few emails from Denise.  She was afraid I’d back out.

Not a chance. 
The weeks passed quickly. 
Conference day was filled with meeting new people, running up stairs, and making sure everyone was in place. The facility didn’t have catering, so we took care of the food on our own.  I had to make regular runs between coolers and our rooms, bottled water filling my arms, making sure that our moderators didn’t run dry. 
I sat in on several sessions for minutes while catching my breath. 
At the end of the day, we relaxed at a cocktail hour. Everyone who worked the conference was tired. I felt like I’d been in a whirlwind all day. My brain was fried and I wondered how I did as a first-time volunteer coordinator.  
Then Denise came up and repeated what one attendee told her – “This was your best conference ever.” 
That’s all I needed to hear. 
Since that time, I’ve attended many local conferences and retreats in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Each one was put together by a great team of volunteers. 
Flash forward to August 2012 and a short email from Denise asking if I’d like to help Intrigue Publishing with the C3 Conference. Being cautious, I asked for more info. I checked the website and was very impressed. 
Three days...Lots of sessions... Hunt Valley Inn... And Jeffrey Deaver? Seriously? My reply email said “sign me up”. 
Every C3 meeting makes me more excited about the Conference. Ideas are coming together. My job, so far, is to add ideas and thoughts regarding our volunteers. My real work begins in a few months. 
For now, I’m going to sit back and pick up another Deaver novel.

My assignment is to read several books by each of our guests by the time September arrives. 
Why don’t you pull up a chair and join me.

Which authors will you be reading? 


  1. We are so glad that she agreed. We know that our volunteers will be in the best hands possible.

  2. What author will I be reading? I will read as many as I can, except for Austin Camacho. I've already read three of his.



    1. DB - sounds like me. I finished No Mercy by John Gilstrap. Loved it. Sorry I didn't get to chat with you at Austin's launch on Sunday. We'll meet some other time.

    2. DB, you do know that he has NINE you have a ways to go. :-)