Tuesday, January 7, 2014



On Sunday the #MDC3Conference board met to discuss the upcoming event.

Sandra, Juli, Denise, Cindy, Dee
Austin, Ann (not pictured, Larry)
Since we all live a distance away from each other we decided to do SKYPE and boy did we have a ball. First on the 'test' call, everyone could see +B Swangin Webster but she could see nothing but the avatar or a blank screen. Not to worry, she would fix that in the twenty minutes before the call. +Ann Arbaugh couldn't connect to SKYPE so we called her on +Denise Camacho cellphone and had her on speaker. Everything is set, right?

Wrong, Wrong and Wrong.

The call started with everyone announcing themselves and the rule of only one person talking at a time was established. Great...we started off with Larry giving his update and then Juli and then +Austin Camacho and then it happened. It went something like this.

"Hello, Larry, I didn't hear what you said...are you there...Larry...Larry...LARRY...I THINK WE LOST LARRY! LARRY!"  (ok, maybe it wasn't that dramatic)

+Dee Lawrence was still on the line and said, "I can still see him connected" and so did I. Even +Juli Monroe could see he was still on the line and after a harrowing five minutes Larry called back!

Excited I tried connecting him but then something happened...Dee and Juli were now on hold! What! Hello! Hello! Hold on Larry, I think I need to reconnect...I 'resume the call' with Dee and Juli but now, Larry is on hold! oh wait! now what the Sam Hell is going on! Hold on Larry"....hey what's that noise....Ann said she needed to go into another room and now, suddenly there is the sound of rushing water! Oh no! Is Ann drowning...'Ann! Ann! are you there! Ann, are you OK?

Good lord, I think she's drowning!" Austin said (I think he was panicked but he won't admit it)

Flustered I said, "Lawd, Ann's drowning, Larry's lost....look, I think I need to redo this...everyone hang up and I'll call back."

Ann said, "ok" We (Austin, Denise and Sandra) yelled "Noooooooooo, not you Ann; just Skype"

I called everyone back, except Ann who by now should have had on a life vest; and the call continued without problem. After the call, Ann posted to Facebook and gasp! clutch the pearls, we forgot to add +CindyLauth to the call! Forgive us for we know not what we do.

See, although we were working hard, we still had fun! Miles away and we still find a way to cut up! Don't worry Larry, you will get used to it; Just ask Austin.

Until next month...I wonder what will happen then?


  1. Well, it's always fun to get together with this crew, even when we can't see each other. But we also accomplished a lot - progress on the new Conference book store, upgrades to the web site, panel recommendations - we can all see that this year's C3 Con will be even better than last time.

  2. But imagine the comedy of errors that might have ensued if we'd all tried to drive to Bowie on the ice! And Ann didn't actually drown, so all's well that ended well.

  3. Yes ... but did you get any WORK done?

  4. Yes, we got some work done, had some laughs and actually have homework....all in all; a great meeting.....

  5. (Blub Blub) Did I ever tell you guys ---- I can't swim. Seriously!

    D.B. Yes, we all did work AND we all have homework assignments now.